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There is a city in Poland on the Baltic Sea, which is called Łeba, wrapped in two lakes, interspersed with a picturesque river, lying among forests full of richness and unbridled nature. It is a magical place where you can feel like someone special at any time of the year. Here in spring they have both their stop and their home, the keys to wild geese, cormorants, swans, ducks, and their sounds awaken the head of a winter sleep. The healing microclimate, high content of salt and iodine in the air, high insolation and the unique dynamics of atmospheric changes have a positive effect on the human body. Łeba is also a paradise for fishermen, Nordic walking fans, cyclists and enthusiasts of sports such as windsurfing, diss wave, kiteserfiung or sailing. An interesting attraction is also a modern yacht port with excellent facilities, which can accommodate up to 120 vessels. The richness of amber, which Łeba bestows the sea on a yearly basis, attracts crowds of collectors looking for natural treasures on Łeba beaches.

In summer, Łeba turns into a metropolitan resort. It lively life in the cafes, shops, stalls and discos until the morning. Everyone will find something for themselves, and the friendly atmosphere and hospitality of the residents will allow you to fully enjoy the charms of this amazing place. Not only amateurs of active recreation and seaside sunbathing loved the head of Leba, but also water sports stars, actors, painters and writers. Without a doubt, this is a place that can compete with the best world resorts. In the summer months, Łeba never sleeps, it hosts a great fiesta, which is a compensation for those weary of work, waiting for great love, adventure and extraordinary attractions. Only here you will spend time in a friendly, family atmosphere by the grill, bonfire, on walks and on the beautiful and unique beach. A stay in Łeba is also an opportunity to learn the values ​​of a diverse landscape. Located in the vicinity of the Słowiński National Park, it allows you to take full advantage of the unique nature, moving dunes, original vegetation and extensive forests growing on the shores of the local lakes. Here the sun tans more intensively thanks to the rays reflected in the pristine light sand. Hospitable looters take care of the comfort and attractiveness of their guests' stay, offering a high standard in hotels, holiday centers, boarding houses, camping, camping sites and private accommodation. Restaurants, bars and pubs serve regional delicacies. After an active day in the evening, sit in the charming cafes that offer excellent drinks and delicious desserts. Well-developed tourist infrastructure, as well as numerous amusement parks, tourist cruises, excursions and fishing trips as well as interesting bicycle routes allow you to enjoy various attractions during your vacation.

Also in autumn it is impossible to get bored in Łeba. The pleasant sun and the natural wealth of these lands (such as mushrooms, blueberries, blueberries) will allow you to fully enjoy the autumn charms of Pomerania. During long walks, everyone can enjoy the peace, quiet, amazing views, as well as the charms of our city. The soothing sound of the sea, waves humming a steady melody, the smell of leaves, mushrooms and the scent of pine needles are advantages that you will not find in other parts of Poland in such an unusual setting. Autumn in Łeba is a time of reflection and respite after an intense summer.

In winter, when the sun rises lazily, the sea can often show its defiant face. Huge waves break into the beaches, and storms, strong winds and sometimes even powerful hurricanes can take their toll on the inhabitants. The wind pours sand into your eyes, and the sea rustles ominously day and night. On frosty, quiet days, when the sun reflects glazedly on snowflakes, you can see beautiful forests covered with feathered snow. At this time of year, a walk on fresh snow, a family sled trip or a sleigh ride turns out to be unforgettable. It is also worth putting on cross-country skis or taking Nordic walking poles and trying a slightly different winter activity on the Baltic Sea. Leba at any time of the year allows you to spend time in an unforgettable way, making it stand out from other coastal towns. In spring, summer, autumn and winter you can find here what you won't find anywhere else - check it out yourself and visit us now.

text: Ewa Horanin President of LOT Łeba - Blue Land

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